Words from Our Founder

Big Picture


Develop a multi-layered predictive analytics platform to radically accelerate grid decarbonisation and mitigate the effects of climate change.


Make a lasting positive impact on the future of our planet, people and the global economy through innovation and making great products.



Our team is made up of people that love to learn and improve, and our goal is to enable everyone to grow within the company and build a strong career (even if this is not with Farad.ai!)


Our aim is to give our team the resources to pursue the projects they think matter most, and to encourage testing several approaches (failing fast to learn fast). There are very few set methods for getting anything done, and we trust the team to find the ones that suit them!

Work-life balance

Setting boundaries and using personal tools to ensure that we move fast without burning out. This means we encourage people to block out times for deep work, and that there are no set work hours - the outcome is what matters and there is no expectation to be at a desk 9 am - 5 pm. 

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to hiring and retaining a diverse team at all levels of the organisation. A key aspect of this is accessibility - we adapt to the needs of our team and potential applicants. We are also focused on hiring outside of the traditional pool, whether this is people that have been out of work for extended periods of time (because of child-rearing, for example). If you are interested in working with us but do not see a role that fits you exactly, please do send us an email at info@farad.ai regardless and we will get in touch!

How We Work

We are a remote-first team and have worked to implement best practices from Day One.


Day to day

We start our day with a full team standup (no longer than 15mins). This helps us keep track of the day's priorities and identify where blockers came up - often these can be resolved with a quick call and it speeds up the day.


Weekly newsletter to keep the team informed of the week's successes and learning points - this means that we can all get an overview of areas in which we are not experts. This is a key part of our growth mindset - everyone can get access to work that they are interested in!


Whilst we are a remote team, we think it's key for everyone to know each other outside of the work environment, and ideally in person (Covid dependent!). We therefore organise monthly meet-ups in Oxford, where we are based, to hang out informally. These events range from site visits to get a better idea of the context we're working in (it's always useful to know what a transformer looks like when you're working in an energy company!), and general team bonding.


Our Operations Lead Alice is a little obsessed with sustainable productivity and processes (think books like Deep Work and the 4 Hour Work Week). She is in the process of creating a wellness handbook that will be uploaded soon, and sends weekly ideas to the team to improve their work-life balance. 

Learning and Development

As part of our growth mindset, we have a clear focus on learning and development, and we encourage the team to share knowledge so we all benefit from each other's expertise. We have started doing internal TED talks to allow people to present things that they're passionate about, whether related to work (how does fusion work?) or completely niche (how similar is knitting to engineering?)


We also have internal meetings to help every team member figure out what they want to get out of their career, and how they can set out a roadmap for this. Developed with the help of career coaches and experts, these documents help the team figure out where they fit in at Farad.ai and within the working world!