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Optimize your network and never overinvest!

Open Hubs and Routes only where they matter and are economical while delivering your customers the best-in-class delivery service and staying carbon-neutral

What can we do

We work with any logistics players, big or small, to optimize their networks, achieve cost savings, and enable fleet electrification.

Evaluate your current logistic network footprints and how to improve it.

Plan your hubs close to EV charging stations or in places where you can build EV charging stations based using our grid analytics.

Recommend the best location for your next hubs or delivery points based on multiple parameters (traffic, competitors, rent prices, and surrounding demographics) in seconds.

Compare two or more sites to optimize your capital allocation and investment return.

Solutions in Practice

  • Understand how to electrify your fleet and hubs based on our grid analytics.

  • Automatically finding the most optimum location for your next hubs and delivery points based on multiple parameters.

  • Gain visibility of competitor footprints and surrounding areas.

  • Gain insights on surrounding demographics to improve your turnover potential for each new site.

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To optimize your logistic network and save your cost.

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