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Open your next shop in the best location with minimum carbon footprint

Optimize your investment by only choosing the best location for your next shop considering turnover potential, carbon footprints, footfall traffic, surrounding competitors, and rent prices

What can we do

We work with any retailers, big or small, to open their next shop that has highest profit potential and lowest carbon footprint.

Evaluate your current shops footprints and how to improve it economically and environmentally.

Recommend the best location for your next shop based on multiple parameters (turnover potential, traffic, competitors, rent prices, surrounding areas and energy analytics) in seconds.

Compare two or more sites to optimize your capital allocation and investment return.

Ultimately, we believe that getting to net-zero should not come at the expense of profit for SMEs that made up 95% of our economy.

Solutions in Practice

  • Gain visibility of competitor footprints and surrounding areas.

  • Ensure the location has minimum carbon footprints based on our grid analytics.

  • Compare two different shops to determine the best location which provides highest ROI.

  • Automatically finding the most optimum location for your next shop based on multiple parameters.

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Book a demo session with us

Before opening your next shop to optimize your return of investment.

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