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Energy & Power

Google Maps for Energy & Power Network in the U.K.

The most comprehensive grid and power datasets in the market from High-Voltage to Low-Voltage to give you visibility on the power networks

Our Customers

Electric Vehicle Charging Developers

Finding the most optimum location for EV chargers based on grid constraints, land availability, and utilization forecast.

Distributed Network Operators

Allocating grid capacity based on modelled LV demand which is currently unmetered.

Renewable Energy Developers

Finding the most optimum renewable energy development location based on grid constraints, land availability, and planning risks.

Our impact so far

Electric Vehicle Charging Developers

7,900 of engineering hours saved by using our platform.

Reduce grid securing failure by 55% providing £300k/year topline gain per charging site.

Distributed Network Operators

90%+ accuracy for LV monitoring – providing insights for unmetered LV substations through AI-powered modelling

Renewable Energy Developers

40% increase in planning success rate by de-risking planning with more comprehensive datasets.

Save 1 year of land origination time through our automated land searching and land-owner onboarding framework

Solutions in Practice

  • Automatically finding the most optimum sites based on multiple parameters
  • Gain visibility to which station you need to connect to
  • Compare two different sites to determine the best location which provides highest ROI
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