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Trusted Partner of City Councils in Their Journey to be Net-Zero

Empowering city councils to make data-driven decisions to better serve their constituents

Our use-cases for city council

Determining most optimum publicly-run EV charge points across the cities

Finding the most optimum location for EV chargers based on grid constraints, land availability, and utilization forecast.

Determining best location for renewable energy projects

Finding the most optimum renewable energy development location based on grid constraints, land availability, and planning risks.

Optimize location for building sustainable housing

Finding location with best access to electric heating and energy potentials to provide social & sustainable housing and achieve net-zero.

Our platform can do much more for you

  • Apply Farad.ai platform as an energy nerve-center (digital twin) which integrates all energy network in the city to enable evaluation & decision-making
  • Optimize site selection for hydrogen production facilities and find potential gas networks that can transmit hydrogen to homes and industries
  • Prioritize V2G points and community network to build demand respond capacity based on LV & grid capacity

Solutions in Practice

  • Automatically finding the most optimum EV charging sites based on multiple parameters
  • Determine most optimum location for sustainable housing based on multiple constraints
  • Gain visibility on city-wide deprivation for councils to allocate more efforts in deprived areas
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