National StartUp Awards 2022

Published on was named Innovative StartUp of the Year at the National StartUp Awards - London & the East of England.

The National StartUp Awards recognises the achievements of those amazing individuals who have had a great idea, spotted the opportunity and taken the risks to launch a new product or service.

The nomination is a remark of the fact that innovation is the cornerstone of and will lead the business to compete in global and regional markets.

Ali Safari,’s founder and CEO, said, "SME are at the heart of every nation economy. In the UK, we have some of the best universities in the world and when I started our entrepreneurial journey I was frustrated that these amazing talents couldn’t work for an organisation which they could innovate on daily basis whilst solving a purposeful problem. So we decided to change that and I am so honoured that our work in innovation had been recognised with this prestigious award. What is even more encouraging to see, is how UK is leading the way to be the capital of startup in the world, how we are welcoming talent, ideas and investment from all around the globe. I am so excited about the work we are doing in building the future but also the collective innovation ecosystem in our nation to drive our economies to prosperity."

startup award

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