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Farad.ai has been selected by the UK Department for International Trade to attend the G20 Indonesia 2022.

G20 Digital Innovation Network is a premiere forum to share knowledge, encourage discussion, and build partnerships among global innovation players.

As the world faces many challenges, particularly around sustainability, it is an exciting opportunity that world leaders are gathering to share their learnings.

Farad.ai is privileged to work in the UK, which is at the forefront of the global energy transition.

Ali Safari, Farad.ai’s founder and CEO, said, "It was a pleasure to present our leading energy ecosystem in the UK to the rest of the world. In the UK we are seeing a powerful triangle coming together, policy, investment and technology to help with the rapid energy transition. Our government in the UK has taken the leap of faith in innovating on the energy policy design and as innovators we are seeing the tangible results of that in the market. I think the world can learn from our insights in the UK to progress their energy system to a decarbonised system to achieve their net-zero goals."

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