Farad.ai Launched Its Flagship Product Compass to Enable the Future of EV

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Earlier this month, Farad.ai announced the launch of its flagship product Compass in London. The event welcomed Farad.ai’s partners, advisors and guests from companies and organisations in electric vehicles, low carbon technology, sustainable investment and so on.

Compass is an AI site optimisation platform designed to serve the EV charging and renewable energy developers in location picking, and in gauging the interrelation of their electrical assets, including flexibility devices, with the existing infrastructure and to explore optimal grid connectivity options.

“Two and a half years ago, I was genuinely concerned about the impact of climate change on our planet,” said Ali Safari, the CEO, in the opening speech, “I was frustrated how slow the traditional workplace was. I planted the seed of Farad.ai to have the highest impact in solving climate change.”

“Over the past two and a half years, we have set the foundation so that innovation can happen on a day to day basis. We’ve gathered expertise from different fields, and we are super lucky to be doing the work in the UK, because the UK is leading the energy transition in the world.”

Dr Andy Smith, the software engineer from Farad.ai, showed a demo of Compass at the launch event. The user is able to select an area of interest, input required capacity and site area. Compass combs through millions of data points to come up with a list of sites that satisfy the input criteria in less than 30 seconds. The user can explore and compare the areas of interest with access to data layers including substations, planning and land use and traffic information.

Compass has already won awards in the industry, coming in third place in Icebreaker One's Energy Data Visualisation competition for its innovative use of datasets and the interactive nature of the platform, which enables comparisons.

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