How we build our technology

Market-leading comprehensive datasets, empowered with analytics, to give you modular front-end use-cases

Our Technology Stack

  • Front-end user-cases that could be tailored quickly for each customers

  • Algorithms tailored to each use-cases

  • ML Engine to model key parameters unavailable in current datasets

  • 60+ datasets from 10+ core engineering and socioeconomic fields

  • Scalable data platform hosting 400+ million data points

What do we have on our platform?

Datasets Available

Grid, socioeconomic, property price, traffic, flood zone, protected buildings, electricity network, land-use, deprivation level, etc.

Forecast Grid Behavior

Machine Learning Engine to forecast grid behavior (especially on last mile)

We are the only company in the market that has the model of Low-Voltage substation with 90+% accuracy to provide valuable insights for your planning.

Results in less than 5 seconds

Obtain any results in less than 5 seconds (after querying more than 400+ million data points) accommodating thousands of users with industry-leading data storage security.

Completely Customizable Features

Our platform has complete features for each industry but can be easily customizable should you require more specific requirements.

How modular is our platform?

Front-runner performance, scalability, and security
  • We helped our customer to develope a use-case for hydrogen in 6 weeks whilst ingesting new network datasets into the platform
  • Launching use-case in residential took us less than 2 weeks from ideation to commercialization


60+ datasets comprising 400+ million data points

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