Near real-time electricity grid analytics

About Us

We are a team of scientists, engineers and energy experts who recognize the climate crisis as the largest threat to humanity. We believe that the most practical way to solve this problem is through decarbonizing the power sector at scale by enabling 100% low carbon energy integration. Since renewables are intrinsically intermediate sources of energy, the power systems globally are adapting to be flexible, utilizing energy when it is available, and giving it back when needed. Electrical grids are the centre of this transition and are not as of yet ready to handle this at scale.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable the current electrical grid to run on 100% low carbon energy. To achieve this, we are developing an AI-powered decision support system, which aids energy stakeholders in the move towards a low carbon future.

Solutions has developed an AI platform to model energy demand across unmonitored low voltage networks. Leveraging this technology can provide the following solutions:

  1. Bottom-up peak load prediction for headroom capacity.

  2. A decision support tool for local-level grid flexibility.

  3. Combine multiple data and analytics layers to help Renewable Energy and EV charger developers identify optimal grid connection points.


Meet the Team

Ali Safari
Founder & CEO

Ali envisions a world that runs on 100% low-carbon energy. He was trained as a Nuclear Engineer in Cambridge University and researched Fusion Energy at CCFE, the research arm of the UK Atomic Energy Authority. Previously, he was an investor at Low Carbon, a leading renewable energy family office, where he was investing in the future of energy. Outside of work, he is a rock climber, half-marathon runner and avid backgammon player.

Eugene Ciurana
Co-founder & CTO

Eugene is an open-source evangelist, author, angel investor, and computer engineer who specializes in the design, implementation, and roll-out of high performance, high throughput, robust large scale computing systems. In recent years he has led the implementation of mission-critical ML, predictive analytics, graph databases, and unstructured data analysis systems. Eugene has had 4 successful exits in the last 8 years (Badoo, Summly, Cosmify, MuleSoft - sold to Salesforce for $6.5B). Eugene is the world's champion and record holder in speed skydiving.

Juvid Aryaman
Data Scientist

Juvid is a sustainability advocate, who is passionate about using AI as a tool to fight climate change. He is a physicist at heart, with a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Imperial College London, and was a post-doctoral research associate in the world-leading Mitochondrial Biology Unit at the University of Cambridge. He has published 7 peer-reviewed articles in high-impact journals including Nature Communications.

Nicholas Daniel
Strategy & Business Development

Nick is passionate about accelerating the world’s transition to renewable energy. He is currently completing an MBA at the London School of Business and has an MEng in Clean Energy Engineering from the University of British Columbia. Nick has 10 years of experience in the renewable energy industry, where he has had success leveraging his technical know-how to develop innovative business strategies. Nick’s experience ranges from designing power purchase agreements to managing the sales process of a $2.4 billion power plant. Outside of work, Nick is an outdoor enthusiast and adventure seeker.

Our Culture

We are a mission-driven company who believe that climate change is the most pressing challenge facing humanity. This core belief is the source of our passion for our work to best serve our customers.


If you have a burning passion to make a positive impact with your life in our common fight against climate change, we would love to hear from you.


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Find us at our office near Paddington Station, London. We work in a shared office space with over 10 other startups in the same building. Let us know if you're in the area and stop by for a coffee on us.


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